We've moved!  After 23 great years in the Midwest, Birdland Productions is excited to announce that we've moved our base of operations to the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas.  We've enjoyed each and every one of our fans, friends, and families here in Minnesota and around the country with our tours, and will continue to come back with new and exciting shows,                             fresh from the Las Vegas market.  As we build a new foundation                           in Las Vegas, we encourage all of our Midwest friends and partners

                                           to come out and visit us in Las Vegas.  To show our

                                               appreciation for years of support, if we have a

                                                      show on a night you are going to be in Las

                                                 Vegas, I'll buy your ticket to the show, and if the                                              show is free, your first drink is on me.  Click HERE to get on our Flock VIP list for news, updates, special promotions and more.  Thanks again!    Jonny Bird