When it comes to Karaoke and DJ shows, there are rookies, there are veterans and then there is Jonny Bird!  Since his first paid performance as a DJ in 1987, Jonny has performed at Fairs, Festivals. Weddings, Bars,             Clubs, Corporate Functions and Black Tie Affairs all over the Midwest, and brings literally thousands of             shows worth of experience to every event.

                    Playing in barns, in fields, on a pontoon, on an island, on a rooftop, in basements and garages,                         on flatbed trailers in parades, in lofts and yes, even in a chicken costume, Jonny Bird has                               experienced it all!  With music from every style to hear or sing, high quality professional                      equipment, a crystal-clean mix and sound, and Jonny's one-of-a-kind personality, you simply can't              go wrong! 

          Whether you're looking for DJ/Karaoke entertainment for your Bar or Club, Private Party, Corporate               Event or Wedding Reception, Jonny has the knowledge and experience to make your night a HIT!  You         bring the guests, we'll do the rest!