He's been on national TV and toured the country with his one-man act featuring some of the best spot-on impressions in the business...              he's the "Voice Chameleon," Don Tersigni!                Don's                "Kid and Grandma Safe" brand of humor                                     seamlessly blends celebrity voices, stand-up                                 one liners, funny stories and even your                                         favorite singers into an evening of fun and                                    laughter that will amaze from start to                                      finish.  More than just a comic, Don is a whole                 Las Vegas headline act just waiting for the microphone                   to turn on.  From minute to minute, you'll never know                  who'll be making a cameo appearance, from Arnold                      Schwarzenegger to Al Pacino to Homer Simpson to                        Donald Trump and even "The King" himself, Elvis                         Presley.  After thousands of performances, Don's                         show is a "can't miss" event!