When you are looking for an amazing and unique option for your wedding day       entertainment, double your fun by combining two terrific shows into one            night of fun with the Best of Both Worlds!  

We've brought the elements of the Jonny Bird Wedding Show and the Mischief & Mayhem Dueling Pianos show together for a night you will never forget!  With two hours of traditional wedding entertainment and two hours of inter- active live entertainment, we have all of your musical bases covered from start to finish.

 By completing our exclusive Birdland Productions Wedding Planner in advance     we can format your show any way you want with specific requests, styles,         artists, and songs.  Each show can be rated from "Kid and Grandma Safe"        to "Adults Only," to add some spicy fun to the party.  Remember, this is              your wedding - you can have whatever you want!

                                 Call today to find out more!