It began as a dare...

     Freshman year of High School, International Falls, MN.  Jonny Bird and his best buddy, Tim, were bantering in study hall when Tim issued a stiff challenge: try out for the High School Swing Choir.  Jonny accepted the challenge knowing that, to his knowledge, no Freshman was ever accepted to the Swing Choir at that time, and asked for a hall pass on the spot.  By day's end, he was the youngest singer in the elite group, and its first four-year member.  That was the first time Jonny held a microphone...and he liked it.

Would you like some fresh, hot cookies with that?

     Sophomore year of College, St. Paul, MN.  Jonny's second year of college was a busy one.  During the day he was a dedicated student on a path to a law degree, but at night, he was working the drive-thru window like an air traffic controller, proudly wearing his bulky Arby's headset.  It was, after all, a microphone.  

     When the owner of a Twin Cities DJ company came through looking for a roast beef sandwich and some curly fries, Jonny's career path changed forever.

Jonny becomes a delivery boy...

​     Jonny, doing his best Kasey Kasem, welcomed the stranger to the Arby's drive-thru and delivered his one-man fast food act.  After hearing the presentation and then talking with Jonny at the window, the excited stranger promptly drove off, leaving his business card and forgetting his food.  The next day, Jonny appeared in his Minneapolis office with a fresh bag of Arby's food and a smile.  Before he left, he was scheduled for his first weekend wedding.

Get a grip!

     That first show was something to behold!  Staring anxiously at the boxes containing hundreds of cassette singles and four cassette players, Jonny was a nervous wreck.  Yup, he had a microphone, and he was excited about that, but was so nervous that the mic slipped from his clammy hands not once but twice.